Wisteria Lane Chalk Paint is a water based paint that has a beautiful matte Finish with Superior Coverage, at times 1 - 2 coats on certain pieces & Surfaces is plenty especially to achieve a shabby chic / Antiqued Look. 

Wisteria Lane Chalked Paint contains a Secret inbuilt protection Element so you will notice Our Chalk Paint doesn't Chip , scratch , mark , peel off or discolour otherwise known as yellowing. 

If you wish to achieve a more conservative clean look, or if you are painting in wet areas such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry , Powder Room , eating areas or outdoor areas then I recommend as an addition to purchase our divine Lush matte water based semi Sheen Top Coat Sealant. Simple Application just apply Wisteria Lane Chalked paint sealant with a Standard paint brush. No hard work of rubbing and buffing , no Greasy after effect that waxes can have , most importantly their is no yellowing or discolouring with Wisteria Lane Sealant. Our top coat is so divine she locks the colour in , has long lasting durability and extreme protection against scratching , markings , and so easy to clean " yes children can be messy hehe" Dust does not attract to our top coat also which is a bonus. 

Conservative is not what Wisteria Lane Chalk Paint is about. Patina & Antiqued Charm are the words & look that make our like minded hearts smile. 

Wisteria lane chalk paints colouring palette is all inspired by my love & Passion of all things charming and old. If you have visited my shop or online pages " Wisteria Lane" You will know That i am a true lover of French Brocante interiors , 18th Century French Country Chateaus, Louis XV Antiques & Old Worldly Decor including Continental inspirations like Rococo & Regency. 

interior Design , the Arts & Architecture of Eastern Europe inspires me to pick up my brush & paint my most recent flea market find. 

Wisteria Lane Chalked paint Will inspire you also to achieve your very own chateau or dream look by revamping your own pieces by the use of Wisteria LANE CHALKED PAINT following our 5 step Instruction guide. 

1. Choose your favourite playlist on your phone or Transistor Radio, turn up the volume. Begin to be inspired with your Painting experience, as you notice your uplifted mood Wipe Down Your project piece with warm water and a old rag - Please Ensure surfaces are fully dry prior painting. Shake your tin of Chalk Paint, open lid with a flat head screw driver and stir your paint with a paint stick or ruler. 

2. Apply 1 generous coat of wisteria lane chalked paint with love. wait till touch dry. Enjoy a Tea in a vintage teacup sit back relax and log onto wisteria lane Facebook page for a browse or cheeky purchase. 

3. Apply with love a second coat of wisteria lane chalked paint only if need be depending on your desired look. Wait till touch dry. 

4. Get Creative with your sanding machine or Sanding Sheets. Distress the edges, corners and sides. Reminder to distress any historical mouldings this will make your piece look 100 years old. if you have any Attached Furniture Appliqués you may want to distress them also, including any ornate inlays and etching that may be featured on your piece. Once complete brush down with a old dust brush, followed by a damp cloth to remove any excess sanding dust. Brush on a top coat of Wisteria Lane sealant Top Coat. 

5. Best part - Display your project in your desired spot & Dress him or her up with Lavish French Trinkets , Antique Vases , old stacked books, cracked old urns or maybe a beautiful Vera Wang or Chanel scented Wisteria Lane Soy Candle in a crystal pot. Enjoy & Appreciate the beauty of your work, take some pics show friends and family how fabulous you are. Keep painting it's good therapy , now maybe you have found your calling & Love for all things beautiful and old. Experience all of this whilst painting with Wisteria Lane Chalked Paint. 

Remember your interpretation is your own and one of a kind. When painting with Wisteria Lane Chalked Paint their isn't any wrong or right it is true and Beautiful. It is not meant to have perfect lines and perfect brush strokes take a look at some of the Artistic Masterminds of the world and notice the brush strokes from all corners & Angles of the canvas meeting into the middle spiralling into a divine Mess. Appreciate the unsymmetrical beauty of your piece, I know others will the more extravert the better. 

The design process of WLCP 

comes from the heart & creativity of the makers mind.

Below are some places & life experiences that bring out the inspiration when we choose our colours for our paint range. 

" VERSAILLES " and the late queen of France known as Marie Antoinette are Wisteria LANES number one most favourite inspirations of all time. I adore visiting PARISIAN Flea markets where I can view hundreds of in perfect pieces of furniture & dusty piles of old story books, yards of Romantic Lace & Petite Armoires displayed with Art NOUVEAU Diamonds & Jewels of the early 1800's. 

Wisteria Lane adores Antique Furniture especially French Antique Louis furniture including ornate moriage gilt parlour chairs, and rich torn fabrics that's can be used as curtains such as shaneel & Damasked French Velvets. I am totally obsessed with opulent oversized gilded mirrors -tarnished and tattered followed by the clinking sound of bohemian crystal and a silver teaspoon tapping on the trim of a serves porcelain French Teacup. 

these Senses and beautiful Worldly styles resemble in the selection of Wisteria lane's chalked paint palette choice. Also noticed in the result Of the perfectly in perfect chalk paint by wisteria lane.

As a introductory Wisteria Lane chalked paint currently stocks 11 beautiful colours mainly pastels & Antique Neutrals suitable to what I believe to be the most beautiful & timeless colours of our history. 

Wisteria Lane Chalked Paints More Lavish & Rich Colour Range will be COMING SOON.